Glamazons and Olympian Goddesses on the Milan Runway

A new breed of Glamazon stomped down the runway during Milan fashion week. She wasn’t the aggressive leather and metal studs warrior that have invaded our television sets and conquered our sidewalks for the past two seasons, but rather a statuesque representation of strong, surefooted modern women.

Both the Versace and Ferré featured some leather and bondage elements that transitioned last season into the new one. Ferré paired strips of crisscrossing leather with softer materials and flirty feminine silhouettes.

On the Versace Runway, an ancient Greece influence was visible in the frieze-inspired motifs in the garment’s s cuts and prints. Donatella did not only summon the image of deities with her floor-length metallic fringe gowns, she also summoned goddesses with the strength and presence of Olympian athletes. This season, Donatella’s body-conscious designs combined many elements that gave them dynamism. The racer backs, cropped tops and strong shoulders gave the models an athletic built. Other trompe-l’oeuil devices such as high waists, vertical lines and tight pencil skirts made frames appear stronger and legs look longer.

Versace’s Urban Glamazon represents today’s stylish, healthy and athletic modern woman and has nothing to do with the usual glorified anemic waifs the fashion industry tends to have a penchant for.

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